Just seen on Youtube. About my prospects,  your subscribers, their customer journeys.

Ryan Deiss, a legendary internet marketer with a breathtaking success story in terms of reputation and sales five months ago published a fifteen-minute video about the customer journey from Digitalmarketing´s (his company´s) point of view.

You never start with your ideal customer. Rather it´s a quite long way to finally have the proverbial raving fan of your services or products. You always have to know or at least to estimate, where your customer is located right now.

He emphasizes the importance of each step in this journey but equally points out how important especially steps five and six are.

Customer Value Journey As An Emotional And Behavioural Sequence

A customer value journey in his understanding is not somewhat coincidental but a series of emotionally connected dots.  The behavior of customers develops from awareness to promotion in this journey. The actions they take represent the respective emotional stage in the journey.

Reiss identified the following steps in the customer journey which he coined in the form of verbs. They characterize the customer´s attitude towards a company´s marketing efforts

The Eight Steps

  • Aware
  • Engage
  • Subscribe
  • Convert
  • Excite
  • Ascend
  • Advocate
  • Promote

To learn what Ryan specifically means with those steps you might watch the following video. Enjoy!



German Version

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