As Barry Schwartz from SearchEngineLand reports,  the new Google Search Console is now not only the default interface as it had been for the past months but will remain the only interface you can use in the future.

Some old functions and reports in Google Search Console still available

Some reports will still be there, the interface as such is not accessible anymore. The reports are optionally available in the new Google Search Console using a menu item named “legacy tools and reports.”

Here you find links to following functions

  • International Targeting
  • Removals
  • Crawl Stats
  • Messages
  • Url Parameters
  • Web Tools

Using these links you will get the interface and environment you were used to in the old times. We will see if these options will be available for a long time or only work as an intermediate solution followed by its final abandonment.

You will find, that when using the functions behind the “legacy links” you sometimes end up in the new GSC again (example: testing the mobile-friendliness after reading a relating message). so this might be kind of irritating for some users, at least in my opinion.

German Version

Google´s Site Diversity: Update Or Simple Display Change?

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