Internet marketing starts with building solid lead generation campaigns. Having a group of people in your niche that can relate to you and the information you provide so that they come to know, like, and trust you determines whether you’ll make any money or not!

While you may have heard the term “list building” in reference to lead generation campaigns, it’s still a simple process. First, you need an autoresponder, an “ethical bribe” or something to give away in exchange for people’s contact information, and a way to put up a web form to collect it. Here are 5 of the best ways to make that happen:

Best Ways For Lead Generation

  • 1. Build a squeeze page

Squeeze pages are easy to create and are the primary tool for any lead generation campaign. These pages consist of a great headline, three to five bullet points, and an opt-in box. That’s it! Just drive traffic to that page, and concentrate on that alone. Give something away to entice people to provide their name and email address and it will increase your opt-ins.

  • 2. Add a lightbox pop-up to your blog

A great lead generation campaign method is to add a lightbox pop-up web form to your blog. People won’t be able to see the blog until they complete the information and frequently increases your opt-in rate dramatically. You can see one at work on our blog at

  • 3. Find a Joint Venture Partner

This will only work if you already have a list, but mailing to another list, while your partner mails to yours can increase your list size very rapidly.

  • 4. Set up a Facebook Fan Page

When you create a Facebook fan page, you’ll also be able to add an opt-in form to your page. By creating a really great Facebook connection with your “fans” or the people who “like” you, you will certainly boost your lead generation campaign efforts.

  • 5. Shoot a video and send it out across the Web

Show people in your niche how to do something cool, and then put your video up on YouTube and some of the other video directories. To do it efficiently, use a service like Tube Mogul, which distributes the video for you.

These are just five cool ways that you can use for maximal lead generation campaign benefit. For more information on lead generation and everything Internet marketing, come visit us at This is Tellman Knudson, over and out!

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