If you run an online business, you have so many things to think about. You need to bring your schedule under control and work as efficiently as possible.

You can spend a lot of time simply deciding upon topics to writing about for your syndicated articles. Consequently, increasing the efficiency of article marketing includes increasing your list of ideas for those articles. Anything that you can do to improve in this area will increase the overall well-being of your company. After all, your job is to look for efficiencies wherever you locate them.

Overcome Any Writers Block

To help you along that path, here are places to overcome any writer’s block

– Your business undoubtedly receives calls and emails from customers. Most of the questions that you receive have the potential to become topics for articles for syndication.

– Watch for news stories in magazines, TV, the Internet or newspapers that are directly or indirectly related to your niche. If the news organization thought there was a story in that, chance are there is also an article that you can write about it.

– Look for questions about your industry that are asked in forums. If someone cares enough to ask a question on a forum, chances are that others are asking the same question. Consequently, it is a good article topic.

– Visit some of the top article directories, such as EzineArticles. Again, search keywords. Read some of the articles authored by others. Is there a way you can put your own unique spin on that topic?

– Read again the articles that you published on your own website. Can these be written in a way that they appeal to a broader audience and have a bit less of a marketing focus?

Coming up with topic ideas tends to have a cascading effect. When you come up with one, that seems to bring up other, related subjects. Write all of them down. In other words, generate a big enough list that your brainstorming efforts result in enough topics to last you a while.

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