Finding a selection of related keywords that have enough traffic to be worthwhile pursuing but at the same time have quite low competition is the first step in internet marketing. Market Samurai is a tool that might help you.

Anyone who has been involved in internet marketing for a while will remember the Overture keyword tool. It was used by most people doing keyword research. The trouble was that the figures reported by it were not even close to the number of searches in Google.

To compound this it reported both singular and plural variations together. Sometimes it also gave the wrong word order.

This still did not provide the size or strength of several competing web pages. First, that had to be done manually, although tools like Keyword Elite later automated that process. At least it was something and many hours would be spent with keyword lists trying to find out what the real picture really was.

Then something remarkable happened in 2007.  Google started to report the number of actual searches done in its search engine. Suddenly internet marketers were able to get real numbers directly from Google itself. And what is more, they could get those numbers globally. They also could segment it by geography or language. This was a step-change in the data available.

And then some smart programmers in Australia decided to design a tool that would combine that data with competition data. It contained numbers and strength of competing pages. And it had other functions useful to the internet marketing world.

The Birth of Market Samurai

That tool was Market Samurai and was initially released to the world in a limited trial through Immediate Edge in July 2008. From then it has gone from strength to strength, becoming one of the best known and most widely used tools in internet marketing. As well as providing the tool itself, the company has gone on to provide a series of easy to follow video training.



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