According to the HowMuch.Net, a financial literacy website, five out of the ten most valuable brands worldwide are digital brands. You will find all of them in the sweet first five positions.

Apple is ahead of the rest, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Facebook remain on their heels. Traditional brands as Coca-Cola, Samsung, Disney, Toyota and Mc Donald´secure the spots 6-10.

The winners in 2019 with the highest one-year-gains are also dominated by web brands

Amazon (Technology): +37%

Netflix (Technology): +34%

Google (Technology): +27%

Adobe (Technology): +27%

Gucci (Luxury): +24%

Accordingly, Apple is also in terms of absolute numbers the leader of the pack with 205,5  Billion Dollars brand value.  Together with Google (167,7 Billion Dollars), Apple sets high benchmarks for the competition among the most valuable brands.


Most Valuable Brands in 2019 according to

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